General Informations

Comfortable, fast and light, the Comet 85 Raised Saloon is perfect for Ocean voyages. The yacht is born to ensure maximum safety at sea, to be fast downwind and to offer good performance when sailing upwind.

The C85’s lines are modern and elegant; the deckhouse is quite elongated with the characteristic large eagle-eye windows, which provide a special brightness to the interior. The many hatches on deck are flush guaranteeing maximum comfort when moving about.

The vertical water-entry lines on the bow, as well as a high freeboad, are some of the distinguishing features of RS Comar Yachts. Aft, the stern rides high on the water and is open so that the wetted surface is subject to variation, thereby ensuring top-level performance in all conditions: a pleasant reminder of the sporty line.

The dual cockpit leaves plenty of leeway to both the helmsman, who can maneuver on two wheels, and to those trimming the sails, who can count on comfortable seating in front of the wheels or in the cockpit.




Technical Details

Overall Length 25,70 m
Hull Length 25,20 m
Waterline Length 122,80 m
Beam 6,39 m
Waterline Length Beam 5,25 m
Draft 3,78 m
Depth 2,46 m
Displacement 37 t
Ballast 10,3 t

Lombardini Marine 2×180 hp
Water Tank 1500 l
Fuel Tank 1500 l

Cabins 6
Berths 18
Toilets 7

Mainsail 172 mq
Furling Genoa 157 mq

Sail Plan
I 30,50 m
J 9,60 m
P 30 m
E 9,80 m

Vallicelli & C.

Comar Yachts

Category A
People 18


Comet C85 RS

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