A shipyard always at the forefront

The Comar shipyard was one of the first to use fiberglass for serial production. Today, the construction of Comet boats skillfully combines advanced technologies with artisan craftsmanship. From the hull to the carpentry, from flush hatches to steel components, most of the components you will find on your Comet are custom-made in-house. The boats produced by Comar Yachts are built in compliance with CE regulations and classified according to the rules of the Italian Naval Register.

The hulls
The hulls are built in sandwich construction with a Corecell core and unidirectional and biaxial carbon orglass fabrics. The entire lamination process is carried out using epoxy-vinyl or epoxy resins. The hull reinforcements are directly laminated to the hull, avoiding the use of counter-molds, to achieve maximum structural rigidity. The hull is fully laminated on the bottom of the boat, the engine support, and the through-hulls. The outer layer is finished in white gelcoat. For all boats produced, a post-cure cycle at 60° is provided to ensure lightness and maximum structural strength.

The decks
The decks are made of Corecell sandwich with the use of biaxial and unidirectional glass or carbon fabrics. The working and passage areas are made of non-slip material when teak is not specified. In the equipment positioning areas, brass plates are inserted instead of foam for better contact with the steel pins. The hull-deck joint is achieved by bonding with structural adhesives, pins, and lamination with biaxial fabrics to obtain a single body.

The bulkheads
The structural bulkheads are made of composite, marine plywood of okoumé or mahogany, and covered with wood veneer. They are laminated on abundant surfaces to the hull and deck. The passages of pipes in the watertight bulkheads of the stern and bow are carried out through watertight pipe passages. For boats intended for competition, the bulkheads can be made of Corecell and glass or carbon sandwich, compacted with three cycles of vacuum and post-cured at 60°.

The bulbs
The bulb and the keels are cast on a stainless steel structural cage. The keel blade and the fin are cast in lead and antimony, and the outer part is finished with an epoxy cycle. The keels, always with streamlined and thin shapes, are designed for performance and safety.

The rudders
The rudders are made with glass unidirectional fibers in an epoxy-vinyl matrix. The rudder shafts are tapered towards the end and made of 17-4 PH steel. The bushings are made of aluminum with a self- aligning central element in derlin. For racing boats, they can be made of carbon and epoxy resin, post-cured at 60°.

The interiors
The interiors are customizable according to the customer’s needs and can be made with finishes in teak, maple, oak, wenge, or other selected essences. The interiors are made of marine plywood. For the most part, the furniture is directly fastened to the hull. A large use of laminated and solid wood is made. The upholstery materials and hardware used are of the highest quality.

All onboard steels are in Aisi 316L. The components are almost entirely custom-made in our workshop to ensure product quality.

The systems
The onboard systems are made in compliance with the reference standards, using only certified materials of the highest quality. All systems are marked with appropriate tags for easy identification. The fuel tanks are made of plastic, and the water tanks are made of food-grade plastic or integral.

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