Giuseppe ‘Pippo’ Ercole aboard his C CAT 48 Orcamiseria, completed the Riva x Tutti, his first race as an owner. “I had a great crew, with four new members who had never been on board Orcamiseria before, and we had never raced together. Yet it was a really good experience. The boat performed very well even in very light airs, not ideal for our beautiful catamaran but it never stopped moving. We only made a small mistake at the start, entered a prohibited area, and lost time getting out, but otherwise a really nice feat.” This is the comment from the owner who completed a challenging race due to the lack of wind, almost absent airs with which even the Mini 6.50, light and well-sailed, struggled to move.” The owner is very pleased with his Orcamiseria, with which we are ready to bet that sooner or later it will circumnavigate the globe. “Without the Gennaker, we were battered by Orcamiseria,” observes Marco Negri. “A bit more breeze and we could have caught up. Just like we did after Ventotene where we gained back five miles. Actually, we had a lot of fun, also because the boat sails well, but 72 hours almost entirely in calm conditions are really too many.”